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MB at Window


Maicha wo Baucha T-shirt with both Maicha and Baucha at window design. Baucha holding hand of Maicha waving hand from typical vintage newah window crafted beautifully. Read More »

MB Romantic


Maicha wo Baucha T-shirt with Romantic Night “A typical Nepali couple together with flute music on a boat.” design featured in Smashing Magazine for the month of June 2014 Read More »

MB Festival


Maicha wo Baucha T-Shirt with Celebration Design. Group of Maichas and Bauchas playing different instruments. These instruments are played in different festivals and various occasions.  Read More »



Maicha wo Baucha T-Shirt with Djs Design where both Maicha and Baucha are acting as Djs playing and mixing songs. Read More »

MB Rain


Maicha wo Baucha T-Shirt with Romantic Couple design in rainy scenario sharing a single umbrella where Maicha is a little angry with Baucha. Read More »

MB Cycle


Maicha wo Baucha T-Shirt with Couple riding a cycle design. Romantic scenario where maicha wo baucha sharing a single cycle. Read More »

MB Maicha


Maicha wo Baucha T-Shirt with Single Maicha Design Joining her hand welcoming ( Jwojalapa ) wearing Typical Newari Dress along with Red Tika and Flower at the Ear. Read More »

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